Pollux Mall Paragon
"A One Stop Destination Mall"
in Semarang

A mid to mid-up family mall in Semarang, which aims to be “A One-Stop Destination Mall” seamlessly combining a modern shopping center, a family recreational haven, and a luxurious 5-star hotel to offer modern and refreshing choices, food & entertainment and convenience to the families, young market and the corporate people.

As the largest and most contemporary shopping hub in the charming city of Semarang, we take pride in offering a splendid array of over 180 national and international tenants, catering to your every desire.

Indulge in an unparalleled shopping experience at Pollux Mall Paragon Semarang, where pleasure and convenience merge to create moments of delight. Whether you are seeking the latest fashion trends, exquisite dining options, or engaging entertainment, our esteemed establishment has it all.

We extend a warm invitation to you, our esteemed patrons, to be a part of this extraordinary journey with us. Come and immerse yourself in the grandeur of Pollux Mall Paragon and let us astound you with an unforgettable shopping escapade.

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